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Israel has every right to be paranoid about Europe!

Re: South Africa Ruined by Black Marxists (ANC)

David Ben-Ariel,
Shalom aleichem.

Why speak peace when war is in your heart, as your post proves?

It looks like not anyone - Gentile or Jew is posting any comment.

Many email me privately, Jews, Israelites and Gentiles, just like the Jewish religious leader Nicodemus came to Yeshua in private (John 3:1-21). Of course, I would rather folks post publicly, even anonymously, but that's their prerogative isn't it?

Is it because other would-be correspondents are wise to your far-fetched conspiracy theories and your extreme Christian Zionist paranoia regarding Israel and your immagined threats to it - from Europe of all places.

Hitler restoring Germany to power and posing a military threat to Europe and British Israel appeared to be a "far-fetched conspiracy theory" to practically everybody but Winston Churchill, didn't it? And yet Churchill was right - a lone voice in the wilderness - and the rest were wrong. History is filled with "conspiracy theories" that found fulfillment in due time, that were put into practice, that became facts on the ground, as some courageously warned they would. Jabotinsky also promoted a "far-fetched conspiracy theory" - that European Jewry was about to be completely destroyed. Some said he was mad, others questioned his motivations, but Jabotinsky was right - and those who doubted or mocked him were dead wrong.

Both the Bible and history testify Israel has every right to be "paranoid" about blood-soaked Europe. Have you failed to learn the lessons of the Holocaust? Don't you know your Bible? Why play deaf, dumb and blind to the testimony they dare to share?

Is your name really David Ben-Ariel?

Yes, I legally changed it to David Ben-Ariel in 1989, as mentioned in God-given Names.
Is your name really Baruch?

Are you indeed in fact even a Jew?

I have never claimed to be a Jew according to halacha (Jewish law), according to the religion of Judaism. However, like Christian Zionist Orde Wingate, I recognize the identity of Joseph as British Israel: the Anglo-Saxon-Celtic peoples.

Joseph isn't Jewish! Many remain willfully or woefully (God knows) blind to this fact. Some of us know the importance of preserving the biblical distinction between the Twelve Tribes of Israel and don't carelessly confuse them all as "Jews." There are Jews and there are Israelites. Why not learn the difference?

Where you arrested and sent packing from Eretz Israel by the police and Shin Bet for attempting to blow up the Muslim Dome of the Rock?

I was never arrested but I was detained and later deported, as explained in Israel's Unjust Deportation of David Ben-Ariel and Blow Up the Mosques or An Expired Visa? The Israeli equivalent of the KGB, similar to Stasi, Shabak, know beyond any shadow of a doubt that I wasn't involved in any conspiracy theory they concocted.

Shin Bet overreacted to "Will Jerusalem become an international city?" -- an article of mine that was published in Jerusalem and read throughout Israel (and now the world) where I warn about the German-Vatican plot to occupy Jerusalem and encourage the proper Israeli authorities to restore the Temple Mount as the Temple Mount: to build the Third Temple as Bible-believing Christians and Jews know must and will be done.

What a wonderful idea - but such extreme and dangerous ideas have been explored by people before you

Dangerous ideas? Extreme to who? Those far out in Left field? The faithless? Those who cower like dhimmis before the Nazi Muslims? Those who advocate surrender rather than call upon Israel to exercise their sovereignty and remove the threat the Muslims present? Appeasement is dangerous - far more dangerous, as it will never work and only serves to incite the enemies of God and Israel to make greater demands.

I think of the late Chief Rabbi of Israel, Schlomo Goren of Blessed Memory. He wanted to do what you are alleged to have plotted. After East Jerusalem was liberated and the holy sites fell into our hands, he too wished - or he expressed the wish to blow up the Muslim holy site. He told Moshe Dayan what was on his mind and Dayan told him in no uncertain terms : "If you carry on talking like this Rabbi, I will have to arrest you".

Shame on Moshe Dayan! Like the Hellenists who are running Israel into the ground today and into the iron jaws of a German-Jesuit EU, Moshe Dayan hated anything truly Jewish or biblical and wanted to cut the Jewish People off from their spiritual roots.

Moshe had learnt well - from a Christian Zionist, Captain Orde Wingate - a true Friend of the Jewish people - who helped set up the Hagganah and had shown the Jewish people how to fight - that the true way to wage war was to show compassion to non-combitants and innocents and not to provoke non military or religious targets.

Moshe Dayan miserably failed to learn from the British-Israelite and Christian Zionist, Orde Wingate. Otherwise he would have said, "Amen!" to Schlomo Goren's prayerful thoughts that required faithful actions - especially since he had the authority and God-given opportunity to do it. Orde Wingate would know, as Christian and Jewish realists today do, that there are few innocents among the Arabs who occupy the Promised Land of Israel.

As a Bible believer, not just reader, Orde Wingate would recognize the Temple Mount must be restored as the Temple Mount and that it's an unnatural situation for it to continue to remain under Gentile occupation and suffer defilement by foreign objects.

Ben-Ariel - you're no Wingate

You've proven you're not qualified to say since you've misrepresented Orde Wingate already - not that I need to be a Wingate when I am Ben-Ariel, by the grace of God: a son of Jerusalem, a scion of the Lion of God.

the modern State of Israel doesn't need extreme religious millenarian right wingers like yourself to provoke acts of imported terrorism, calculated in your wild conspiracy theories to provoke an Armaggedon-type war which will hasten the advent of the Messiah (Moshiach).

Look at how you spew stereotypes and expose your ignorance of my beliefs! You don't have a clue - or at least you pretend to be so gullible to believe the conspiracy theories, the disinformation campaign, Shabak engages in against me (and all who truly love Israel), since they suffer from the Cain syndrome.

I don't subscribe to your stereotypical Christian beliefs and I wasn't involved in any provocative act - except for writing an article exposing the German-Jesuit plans for Jerusalem that has provoked their useful idiots. It appears truth terrorizes those who live a lie and prefer darkness to light.

And in your crazy reckoning us Jews will finally accept Jesus. Fuck off, with friends like you - who needs enemies?

I know that ultimately our Jewish brethren will look up and at long last recognize Yeshua - the Pierced One - and mourn for Him as for their only Son. I also know Judaism teaches everybody must become a Noahide under Mashiach (Messiah) who isn't Jewish, either by conviction or coercion. Do I fear such beliefs or lose sleep over them? No. I'm not irrational or paranoid but exercise the sound mind the Scriptures afford.

My staunchly pro-Israel, Christian Zionist beliefs, aren't the threat to Israeli sovereignty or Jerusalem's future that Jews should be concerned about. The "friends" Israelis would do well to beware are folks like Bill Clinton, George Bush and all those European leaders who are pushing them to accept a "peace" that has no basis in reality, as well as embracing "peace partners" like Mahmoud Abbas who will stab them in the back.

I see, in your articles and blogs, you've also rubbished our Labour President Shimon Peres.

You mean that bloody vulture Yitzhak Rabin referred to as an "indefatigable subversive"? Has Yitzhak Rabin "rubbished" Shimon Peres or merely exposed the dirt about him? I don't doubt that unclean bird has done some good for Israel, despite himself, but that doesn't justify Shimon Peres selling out Israel or betraying Jerusalem.

And when it came time to make peace,Shimon Peres wasn't found wanting. He agreed, as did Begin to hand back the Sinai to Egypt. Then on to Camp David and Wye River - but we didn't have a real partner in Yasser Arafat - and worse was to come with Hamas. It still was worth the try. Trying to save lives. This is not a weakness of yiddishkeit - but a real strength - this striving for peace.

Israel never had a peace partner. It is not only irresponsible, but criminal and insane, to dismember the Land or sacrifice life on the self-righteous altar of "striving for peace" rather than enforce peace through strength as Meir Kahane called for, remembering the Law of Moses with its God-given solutions (Malachi 4:4, Daniel 9:11).

In spite of all the terrorism that is waged against the Jewish people. Though when it comes to defence, there is unity amongst us in a strong IDF with first strike capacity.

Israel, like the United States and British Commonwealth, has the power but lacks the will or proper leaders to use it, as well as suffering from a devastating loss of national meaning and purpose and drive, as prophesied: "And I will break the pride of your power" (Leviticus 26:19) and "The whole head is sick, And the whole heart faints" (Isaiah 1:5). Your treacherous leaders insured defeat in Lebanon with their restraint and retreat, so what are you blathering about? Gaza continues to be a bleeding wound and Sderot suffers and Jerusalem is about to be brutally raped.

I'm a left winger who has fought with the South African Defence Force in Angola, with the ANC in Zimbabwe and South Africa and with the IDF in Judea and Sumaria - and I am prepared to let the latter go if we can secure peace - or we are wasting too many lives in a territory that can't be properly militarily defended.

It's good you fought with the South African Defence Force in Angola, but why then turn around and terribly serve as a tool for the ANC terrorists in Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe ruins) and dying South Africa? Having served in Judea and Samaria, you should know Kahane was right: Israel must expel sworn Arab enemies and annex those biblical lands they presently occupy. It's defeatist to bleat otherwise.

"It is imperative that there begins, today, a campaign among world Jewry to explain the full extent of the Arab hatred and danger. The complete truth must be told to the masses of good Jews both to justify the need to remove the Arabs and to expose the dangers of the liberal Establishment bloc."
- They Must Go!

The strength of the State of Israel is that it is a democratic secular Jewish State

Israel is an evil oligarchy, as Forbes magazine and others have exposed. The treacherous Israeli oligarchy has a weakness for German-Jesuit dictates and doesn't care if it sacrifices individuals (Yitzhak Rabin) or the whole nation to please their masters (who will dump them).

We go out into the world as men and keep our Jewishness in our hearts and our thrice daily prayers.

The Temple Mount isn't in Jewish hands because it's not in Jewish hearts. Actions speak louder than words, and those who merely pray and fail to act upon their faith are hypocrites whose prayers are rejected. Jews must demand their religious rights upon the Temple Mount and put prayers into practice. And since when does a "left winger" (as you profess to be) pray three times daily?

Any divisions in the Jewish people are largely artificial - the result of crazy fanatics like the fundamentalist bastard who thought that G-d gave him the right to kill a wonderful mensch and patriot like General Yitzak Rabin

THE BIG LIE. Although the stooge Yigal Amir was goaded by Avishai Raviv, a documented Israeli government agent provocateur, those who have studied the Kempler video of the staged assassination know he fired, as Israeli security shouted for the world to hear, blanks! And it's also documented Yigal Amir didn't have a single speck of gunpowder residue on his hands, etc. Read Barry Chamish's indicting book, Who Murdered Yitzhak Rabin? for greater details, or any of the four or more books on the subject by others who come to the same conclusion: Shimon Peres came to power over Rabin's dead body.

- as your Jesus, David, probably told you to kill the Arabs on the Temple Mount.

Yeshua loves the Arabs enough He will welcome them in the House of Prayer for All Peoples when He reigns as King of the Jews, the King of Israel.

A month before Shabak murdered Rabin (on purpose or by woeful neglect), I attempted to pray upon the Temple Mount - not slay - and read my Bible in peace and was disturbed by the barking of Muslim dogs. Israel loudly professes to guarantee "freedom of access" to places of worship, yet Israeli authorities look the other way as Muslims trample the religious rights of Christians and Jews upon the Temple Mount daily.

Why do you aid and abet Muslim discrimination against Christians and Jews? Why do you despise the holy land of Israel that you would surrender it to sworn enemies without a fight? Why do you hate those who love Israel? Regardless, the mosques will soon be history, the Third Temple will be built, and King Messiah will liberate Jerusalem from Gentile occupation.

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baruch said...

Shalom aleichem David,

I do in fact, write this reply to your blog "Israel has every right to be paranoid about Europe!" - in peace. Even as a left-winger, I have always had respect for the late Rabbi Meir Kahane of Blessed Memory and have had friends of mine in America, Israel and South Africa who were members of his Jewish Defense League (JDL) and its successor Shach. Though to be honest, as a kid growing up - the exploits of the IDF in 1967, Moshe Dayan and before him the heroic exploits of the South African Jewish pilots in the War of Lberation 1948 - of which members of my family fought in - were my idea of what a righteous Jew should do for Israel. And when my time came, I too, fought with the IDF in Judea and Sumeria. We admired what Rabbi Kahane was doing in New York - and if any white South African anti-Semites said to my friends and myself, as they often did - "that Hitler was right and he should have gassed the lot of you" - we responded with lots of force and a strong solicitor's letter to the offending boy's parents. Quite simply, we were empowered as we Jews are in Ireland where I currently live in the Galut. Recently, in Dublin the police and the local Jewish community kept watch at night around our Shul to try and catch a criminal who was writing anti-Jewish and pro-Palestinian graffiti on the walls of our synagogue - needless to say that he was caught and he received a severe sentence. Yes, Ireland and much of Europe is probably "pro-Palestinian" and we do face anti-Jewish sentiment here more so than in the United States - even though on the whole modern Europe is no enemy. As I tell Europeans, "you killed us Jews, the most loyal of subjects - only to admit tens of millions of Arabs, who are way worse than we ever were." These are the enemy - this fifth column - fucking up the essence of the liberal European civilization that I admire - that you must agree with me is fundamentally a Jewish construct of an amalgam of the Torah, the Christian Bible, Maimonides, Spinoza, Wittgenstein, Karl Marx and the founding fathers of the European Union. In time, the Arabs in Europe, probably will have more influence than us Jews who are currently fighting a rearguard action regarding biased support for Palestinian terrorism in Israel. Though, you should know as a friend of Israel - and as someone who has made aliyah to the Holy Land in your way - that irrespective of left winger or right winger - it is becoming a mitzvah on all Jews to rally behind the defence of Israel and try to hold on to properly defensible boundaries, viz. Jerusalem and the Golan Heights, etc. Long live the defensive wall! Even left wing friends of mine - Max Ozinsky and Tony Karon ("Rootless Cosmopolitan" blog)- from university would agree with me on this score. But then, there is something beautiful about being Jewish - a striving for unity and truth and wholism that has been looked after and has been kept alive by generations of rabbis and torah scholars for the most part in Europe - well, up and until the Shoah. Well, David, you're in the business of ideas - so you can respect a beautifully set argument in the Talmud as a wonderfully argued piece of Hallakha by a Dayan in a Rabbinical Court - so do I as every Jew no matter what his or her political persuasion is - though when it comes to considering to blow up the Al-Akhsa Mosque, which, yes, maybe we should have done it and it would have be forgotten about by now - as is the Holocaust - even though an uncle of mine still has a Nazi death camp tatoo on his left wrist - there are other arguments other than religious. That we should be righteous. That we should be as other nations - a State for Jews - or even perhaps, "the" Jewish State. To his credit - Meir Kahane always believed that the Arabs of Judea and Sumeria should be expelled from Eretz Yisroel - with compensation - which is righteous - unlike us Jews who have been expelled from Egypt, Iran, Morocco, Tunisia, Yemen, the United Arab Emirates, Afghanistan, Syria , Lebanon and Iraq with nothing but blood and the shirts on our back.

Thus, David, this is the lens from which we view the world and hopefully, eventually a united front by which we should articulate - "left" or "right" will hopefully be of little consequence - a united position of yiddishkeit - which will hopefully be the order of the day - though it looks like this will not be imposed by rabbinical authority but by the facts on the ground - having to go to war for the fourth time in my life - this time against naked fundamentalist Muslim terrorism whereas the enemy previously was more secular.

I appreciate what you are doing for Israel, David - though I know you don't have to - it can be an uphill battle - and you can be up against all sorts of "hofjuden" like Allan Dershowitz in the process - though he, like you, was expelled from Israel. At the end of the day, I'm a democrat and I don't think anyone should be expelled for ideas. I blame it on the Arab fourth column who sit in the Knesset and subvert democracy so that we become edgy and worried when others test its limits as is normal in Europe and America. Only in Israel, though, the Arabs have a noose around our necks in terms of untramelled population growth and acts of terrorism of which we fail to see the full sociological picture.

By the way, David - my Hebrew name is Baruch - my name that I was given on receiving by brith millah days after birth. I take it that you are a Jewish convert of which I have no problems with - indeed I have many friends who are converts - and in some ways they are perhaps "more" Jewish than some of my complacent Jewish friends. If this is genuine inspiration from the Torah - amen - for there have been a few false prophets of Judaism over the last eight hundred years - and you will forgive me if I am sometimes wary and overly analytical.

Also, I have spent a total of ten years at universities in three continents. I love the Torah as I do honest, analytical, dialectical argument - and I will be reading your book to see if it comes up to the mark by which scholars set ther standard of which they grade their peers.

Ma'azel Tov - as for me I'll keep fighting for Israel.

Thank G-d we have a good defence industries, of which the latest paratroopers' Galil sniper's rifle is a product. I used it this week at a shooting range in Ireland - and it was superb - the best I have ever used - I had tears in my eyes. And my Irish friends said, "God bless Israel!".

I think we all concur.