Monday, August 17, 2009


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Israeli troops shoot Egyptian officer along Sinai border
Egyptian officer fails to identify himself to Israeli border patrol, instead cocks his weapon more»
Arab thugs beat Jewish man to death
Israeli Arab youngsters attack Jewish man and his family on Tel Aviv beach; local Arab village appalled by incident more»
Israeli doctors downplay threat of 'swine flu'
Most Israeli hospitals won't even test for swine flu, since severity and treatment are identical to 'regular' flu more»
US Democratic lawmakers say Abbas biggest impediment to peace
Large delegation of US Democrats blames Abbas' refusal to meet Netanyahu as real reason peace process is stuck more»
Police suspect Israeli soldier kidnapped near airport
Media blackout means few details, but roadblocks have been set up in case reports are accurate more»
Palestinian gunmen attack Jewish motorists
Two Israelis wounded when passing car opens fire on them, shattering windows more»

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