Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Israel Today

US insists Israel let Arabs squat in Jerusalem
Obama Admin officially rebukes Israel over eviction of Arab families illegally occupying Jewish-owned property more»

'Moderate' Palestinian youth educated in hate
At Fatah-sponsored graduation ceremony, Palestinian youth say all of Israel belongs to them, that they will fight more»

UN mission in Southern Lebanon has failed, Hizballah ready to fight
Terror group has 40,000 rockets in southern Lebanon ready to fire on Israel; IDF officials say war could be coming more»

Israel could be hit hard by swine flu
Health Ministry head expects quarter of all Israelis to contract virus, 700 to die from it this winter more»

'Moderate' Fatah to vote on radical new platform
Platform of Mahmoud Abbas' party to reject 'Jewish' state, call for violence and ties to Iran more»

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