Sunday, August 9, 2009 New Articles - August 9, 2009

Great Balls of Ice
by Rabbi Yaakov Salomon
One small storm for man, one giant message for mankind.

Breaking the Holocaust Chains
by Rivka Silverberg
Growing up in the dark shadows of the Holocaust.

Saving Rabbi Lau
by Associated Press
After 64 years, Rabbi Lau finds the person who saved his life.

Harry Potter and Free Will
by Cheryl Berman
Ultimately, it's our choices that make us who we are.

Tumors are Miracles Too
by Rivka Zahava
A tumor? In my little nephew's brain?

Summer Blendin'
by Rivka Zahava
Cool and refreshing concoctions.

Pressing the British: Miracle of Israel #11
by Destiny Films

The British arrest Jewish leaders, and Eleanor Roosevelt visits the refugees.

No More Training Wheels
by Rabbi Yonason Goldson

Rethinking the limits we set for our children and ourselves.

The Iranian Threat
by Dore Gold
Only severe sanctions backed by military threat will have any impact. Editor's Pick

Keep on Singing
by Dr. Jackie Yaris
Look carefully at the quiet miracles happening all around you.

This weeks Torah reading: Re'eh

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