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End Deadly Peace Process!

Parents of Slain Son Cry For An End to Deadly Peace Process

From: Buddy Macy
To: davidbenariel
Sent: 1/23/08
Subject: Parents of a murdered Oleh make an urgent plea

Rabbi Dr. and Mrs. Sidney Z. Lieberman lost their only son, Hillel Eliyahu Lieberman HY’D, who had fulfilled the "mitzvah" (religious obligation) of making "aliyah". He was killed by an Arab terrorist.

Rabbi and Mrs. Lieberman write this urgent plea to end the Annapolis process.


We, the corporate body of the Jewish nation, have been privileged with the divine heritage of the Land of Israel, promised in an eternal covenant to our forefather Abraham on Mount Gerizim and Mount Ebal, overlooking Elon Moreh in Samaria. As the beneficiaries of this priceless treasure, we cannot consider our Holy Land as a commodity on the international exchange. The Almighty's gift may not be surrendered for a bowl of porridge – a paltry sum of "payment," resulting from misguided vision of wished-for tranquility. We, the children of Israel, are the guardians of our Holy Land for all the generations to come until the Final Redemption. This, then, is our sacred mission, never to be forsaken. We must concentrate our efforts and gather our strength in unity, to fulfill the objective of being a light unto the nations.

In the State of Israel, we have created benefits for all humankind through the study and teaching of Torah, which is G-d’s divine message for ethical advancement of all societies. Moreover, we have shared with all nations Israel's breakthroughs in state-of-the-art medical care, pharmaceutical research, solar energy development, hydroponic farming and social justice.

Our only son, Hillel Eliyahu Lieberman HY'D, fulfilled the "mitzvah" (religious obligation) of making "aliyah," thereby trailblazing in the true pioneering spirit, the settlement of the Holy Land of Israel, just as our American forefathers had created the first colonies of this young nation in the Western hemisphere by building settlements (towns and villages). Unfortunately, as a result of the mirage of the Oslo Agreement's promises of peace that could not become a reality, a violent "intifada" left him a victim of cruel, deceitful Arab terrorism as he walked, wrapped in a prayer shawl on the Sabbath between Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur in the Year 2000, to his institution of higher Torah learning, Yeshivat Od Yosef Chai, located in the Tomb of Joseph in Shechem (a.k.a. Nablus), Samaria. Once again, the conferences subsequently held on the Wye Plantation and more recently Annapolis have pressured Israel with a false promise of "peace" to result from surrounding, hostile neighbors" recognition of Israel, to surrender slices of its tiny, vulnerable land, viewable from north to south and east to west in a matter of minutes by aerial flight.

Our seven orphaned grandchildren, who commute to high school and college via Samarian highways, do not enjoy the sweet taste of the oft-promised peace. They have been detained on their daily travel by explosives planted by terrorists alongside the road, by burning tires that turn bus drivers and passengers into "sitting ducks," by suspicious packages blocking progress until a robot pulverizes the source of danger, and by sirens alerting Elon Moreh residents of a terrorist climbing up the Mountain of Har Kabir with a bomb wrapped inside the carcass of a sheep.

Surely, we Americans of all faiths care about the safety and security of "our children," locally and globally. Therefore, we are totally committed to fighting terrorism – in this post-9/11 era – with strength, not surrender; with backbone, not bending; with vigor, not veering off the vector of our goal of true peace; instead of with "piece" offerings to those who aim to murder freedom lovers throughout the world.

The Government of Israel must resist any American governmental pressure, because such interference will negate our mutual relationship of respect and honor, and our mutual plan for global peace and prosperity, for free trade zones and for a flourishing economy. Inadvertently encouraging violence violates our shared purpose for the era of peace when "nation shall not lift up sword against nation, and they shall not learn warfare anymore" (Isaiah).

Rabbi Dr. and Mrs. Sidney Z. Lieberman

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Anonymous said...

Hi. My name is Bill Holden. I am not sure from your post if you are a Jewish Christian or not. I would like to make a couple of comments on your blog. First I am truly sorry to hear of your sons death. The death of a loved one is very heart wrenching. I can only pray that you have peace concerning this.
I do not know a lot about the ways Jewish people study the Torah or the prophets of old. I wonder if like many Christians they rely soly on the interpretations of their teachers. I truly hope not because G-d cannot teach you anything beyond what your teacher sees if you are unwilling to study the word yourself.
I hope you will take a real good look at the book of Daniel with me. Daniel 9 tells of 70 weeks. He says your Messiah will be cut off but not for himself 62 weeks after the order to rebuild the temple is given. Do you believe Daniel recieved this from the Lord? The 62 weeks as I am sure you know was 62 periods of 7years. That would be 434 years before the messiah would be cut off. Niamiah was given an order to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem in your book by his name. Jesus Christ of Nazereth was crucified exactly 434 years later. This should be all the proof you need but there is much more. Your father King David said his hands and feet would be pierced and not a bone would be broken. Isaiah said a virgin would concieve the son of God.
Jesus said in Matthew 24:15 to watch for the abomination spoken of by Daniel the Prophet. That abomination was recorded in Daniel 9:27. There was to be a seven year covenant made. In 01/01/2007 you must realize that there was a 7 year covenant made between Israel and the EU. According to Daniel 9:27 the abomination should appear within the next 8 months. At that time your people will be taken into captivity one more time. Jesus said that during those days there will be great tribulation for Gods people, the Jews. Shortly after this, perhaps 2 1/2 years an asteroid will hit the earth and knock tue earth spinning faster by 1/3. The result of that hit will be an openning which I believe will be in the north pole and a beastly king with an army discribed in your book of joel will come out of the belly of the earth and converge on Israel. This will bring about Armegeddon. There is a mark that will be given which i believe is the viri chip. You must refuse that mark.
Jesus will return as King at the end of the seven years to save your people. Then they will realize he truly is the Messiah. He did rise from the grave. He is the son of the Most High God and all other religions are lies.
Please study these things on your own. You can prove they are true if you want to.
God has not forsaken Israel, but Israel must acknowledge His only beggotten son.
Bill Holden

David Ben-Ariel said...

Good morning Bill,

I posted the letter that was signed

Rabbi Dr. and Mrs. Sidney Z. Lieberman

They're Jewish. I'm David Ben-Ariel, a Christian Zionist.
While I appreciate what you've shared, I'm sure it's Greek to them and aspects of it would appear bizarre to Christians.

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