Sunday, July 19, 2009

Israel Today

Obama orders Israel to halt Jerusalem hotel project
Washington sees all Jews on eastern side of Jerusalem as settlers, says new hotel project is unacceptable more»

UN ignoring Hizballah activity in Lebanon
After Hizballah rocket depot blows up, Israel says terror groups is very active in southern Lebanon, right under UN's nose more»

Lebanese plant Hizballah flag in Israel
Infiltrators cross into northern Israel, place terrorist flags at Israeli outlook point more»

Israel last 'safe bet' in crumbling global economy
Bank of Israel governor says Israel has withstood global economic meltdown, remains good place for investors more»

Israeli warships pass through Suez Canal
Many see open sailing of Israeli gunboats through canal as warning to Iran and Israel and Arabs will cooperate to stop it more»

Palestinians resume official activities in Jerusalem
In violation of signed agreements, PA hosts new ambassador in Jerusalem, opens new business center there more»

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