Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Holocaust Hypocrisy!

Holocaust Hypocrisy!

The Jews are a small but important part of the big family of Jacob-Israel. There are Twelve Tribes of Israel. Hitler's Burnt Offering of Jews (Holocaust/Shoah) didn't occur until after they had been warned by secular and religious alike, by Jews and Gentiles, by Hitler's own words and the words of the Law and the Prophets. The Jewish Holocaust was only a type of the imminent nuclear holocaust that will strike the American, British and Jewish peoples.

Sadly, too many Jews are hypocrites! They wring their hands, hold sanctimonious group hug memorials around the world and seek the sympathy of the nations they witness to, while testifying against themselves by exposing their miserable failure to learn the lessons of Hitler's war against the Jews: there's no lasting place for Jews in the Exile (where most remain), that such a self-imposed exile will lead to self-destruction (in one way or another), that you must take your enemies at their word, not your wishful thinking (like the delusional "peace" process), and it's necessary to return to the Torah of God and Homeland of Israel.

The Jews are permitting the pagan pope - a Babylonian envoy, a modern day Balaam - to pollute the Holy Land of Israel while the bloody Vatican holds the Temple treasures and Judaica hostage! The Israelis are inviting the German fox into the chicken coop!

The Vatican's hateful stance against Jews and Israel is well known, and yet Jewish sheeple are downplaying or ignoring it to their own peril! Others, like the "indefatigable subversive" Shimon Peres (as Yitzhak Rabin exposed him), actively collaborate with the Antiochus Epiphanes of the European Union and will soon see all Israel suffer a brutal betrayal when the German-Jesuit jackboot stomps Jerusalem!

Beyond Babylon warns: Beware Roman wolves in sheep's clothing! *Europe's New Crusade has its evil eye on Mount Zion and is after the Temple Mount. But Jews won't listen any more than Joes (descendants of Joseph, the Anglo-Saxon-Celtic peoples), especially the Christian reprobates, since we're a nation of drunks and whores who have been warned to shape up or get shipped out!

Even though Israel and Judah (the British-Israelites and Jews) will soon suffer the worst time in history, the Time of Jacob's Trouble, the Great Tribulation - having failed to take our God-given warning seriously - Two Witnesses in Jerusalem will offer hope and comfort to our captive audience and prepare us to meet our King.

*Israel must reject Vatican overtures for peace or lose Jerusalem!
The Vatican plot against Jerusalem exposed!
Pope's Evil Eye on Jerusalem!

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